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Fig. 2

From: Prion protein polymorphisms associated with reduced CWD susceptibility limit peripheral PrPCWD deposition in orally infected white-tailed deer

Fig. 2

PrPCWD deposition in the brain of CWD infected deer. a Representative olfactory bulb sample from a wt/wt deer showing abundant PrPCWD immunolabeling diffusely distributed in the brain area. b Olfactory bulb sample from a S96/wt and the (c) H95/wt deer showing similar PrPCWD immunolabeling, more restricted to the grey matter. d Olfactory bulb sample from the H95/S96 deer showing mild PrPCWD immunolabeling. e PrPCWD deposition profile of the experimentally infected deer of different PRNP genotypes. Evaluated brain areas are: Obex; Cml, cerebellar molecular layer; Cpl, cerebellar Purkinje cell layer; Cgl, cerebellar granular layer; Cwm, cerebellar white matter; Pons; SC, superior colliculus; TH, thalamus; HT, hypothalamus; CA, caudate nucleus; SN, septal nucleus; HC, hippocampus; FCgm, frontal cortex grey matter; FCwm, frontal cortex white matter; OB, Olfactory bulb

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