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Table 1 Details of included articles

From: Critically appraised topic for the most effective and safe treatment for canine generalised demodicosis

Reference Year Authors Title
[4] 1983 S.D. Folz et al Chemotherapeutic treatment of naturally acquired generalized demodicosis.
[5] 1995 W.H. Miller et al Clinical efficacy of increased dosages of milbemycin oxime for treatment of generalized demodicosis in adult dogs.
[6] 1995 Z. Ristic et al Ivermectin for treatment of generalized demodicosis in dogs.
[7] 2003 B.R. Holm Efficacy of milbemycin oxime in the treatment of canine generalized demodicosis: a retrospective study of 99 dogs (1995–2000)
[8] 2005 J. Heine et al Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of imidacloprid 10% plus moxidectin 2.5% spot-on in the treatment of generalized demodicosis in dogs: results of a European field study.
[9] 2006 E.H. Delayte et al Eficàcia das lactonas macrocìclicas sistemicas (ivermectina e moxidectina) na terapia da demodicidose canina generalizada.
[10] 2007 L.J. Fourie et al Efficacy of a novel formulation of metaflumizone plus amitraz for the treatment of demodectic mange in dogs.
[11] 2009 L.J. Fourie et al Comparative efficacy and safety of two treatment regimens with a topically applied combination of imidacloprid and moxidectin (Advocate) against generalised demodicosis in dogs.
[12] 2010 Murayama et al Efficacy of weekly oral doramectin treatment in canine demodicosis.
[13] 2000 R. Wagner et al Field efficacy of moxidectin in dogs and rabbits naturally infested with Sarcoptes spp., Demodex spp. and Psoroptes spp. mites.
[14] 2013 L.J. Fourie et al Efficacy of a topical application of Certifect (fipronil 6.26% w/v, amitraz 7.48% w/v, (S)-methoprene 5,63% w/v) for the treatment of canine generalized demodicosis.
[15] 2015 J.H.C. Hutt Treatment of canine generalized demodicosis using weekly injections of doramectin: 232 cases in the USA (2002–2012).
[16] 2009 T.E. Paterson et al Treatment of canine-generalized demodicosis: a blind, randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of Advocate (Bayer Animal Health) with ivermectin.
[17] 2014 T.E. Paterson et al Canine generalized demodicosis treated with varying doses of a 2.5% moxidectin + 10% imidacloprid spot-on and oral ivermectin: parasiticidal effects and long-term treatment outcomes.
[18] 2015 L.J. Fourie et al Efficacy of orally administered fluralaner (Bravecto) or topically applied imidacloprid/moxidectin (Advocate) against generalized demodicosis in dogs.
19 2016 R.H. Six et al Efficacy of sarolaner, a novel oral isoxazoline, against two common mite infestations in dogs: Demodex spp. and Otodectes cynotis.
[20] 2016 F. Beugnet et al Efficacy of oral afoxolaner for the treatment of canine generalised demodicosis
[21] 2017 D.E Snyder et al Efficacy of lotilaner (Credelio™), a novel oral isoxazoline against naturally occurring mange mite infestations in dogs caused by Demodex spp.
[22] 2018 A.M.Cordero et al Doramectin in the treatment of generalized demodicosis.
[23] 2018 C. Becskei et al Efficacy and safety of sarolaner against generalized demodicosis in dogs in European countries: a non-inferiority study.
[24] 2018 L.Duangkaew et al A field trial in Thailand of the efficacy of oral fluralaner for the treatment of dogs with generalized demodicosis.