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Table 2 Sepsis cohort lesions

From: Prevalence of osteochondral lesions in the fetlock and hock joints of Standardbred horses that survived bacterial infection before 6 months of age

Horse number Age at admission Septic arthritis Axial dorso-proximal first phalanx (POF)a Sagittal ridge third metacarpal/metatarsal bone Dorso-proximal first phalanx Cranial distal intermediate ridge of tibia Lateral trochlear ridge of talus Medial trochlear ridge of talus
1 1 day Lb & Rc TCJd LFe OCFf,
LHh FBi,
2 1 day   LH latk OCF RF FB
3 1 day   RH medl OCF
4 1 day   LF OCF LH spur
6 2 days   RH lat OCF
7 3 days   LH med OCF,
LH lat OCF,
RH med OCF***
8 7 days R FPJm LH lat FB
12 13 days L & R FPJ, L & R TCJ LH lat OCF**, RH med OCF, RH lat OCF## LF OCF## LH FB, RH OCF RH OCF
13 14 days   LF med OCF LH spur,
RH spur
14 14 days   LH med OCF
15 26 days   LH med OCF,
LH lat OCF
16 32 days   RH med OCF LH OCF, RH OCF
17 35 days   LH OCF
18 45 days   LH OCF, RH OCF
23 70 days   LH med OCF, RH med FB RH spur
24 90 days   RH med FB LF OCF, RF FB
25 97 days   LH OCF, RH OCF
27 150 days   LH OCF, RH OCF
28 150 days   LH med malleolus OCF ### RH OCF
  1. aPOF: Palmaro−/plantaro-proximal osteochondral fragment. bL: Left. cR: Right. dTCJ: Tarso-crural joint. eLF: Left forelimb. fOCF: Osteochondral fragment. gRF: Right forelimb. hLH: Left hindlimb. iFB: Fragment bed. jRH: Right hindlimb. kLat: Lateral. lMed: Medial. mFPJ: Femoro-patellar joint. *Number of fragment beds if multiple. #Number of osteochondral fragments if multiple