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Fig. 4

From: Intravitreal injection of low-dose gentamicin for the treatment of recurrent or persistent uveitis in horses: Preliminary results.

Fig. 4

Twelve-year old warmblood mare that presented for a chronic-acute persistent panuveitis of the left eye (OS). Negative c-value for Leptospira. a. Initial presentation: Diffuse corneal edema, keratic precipitates, + 2/4 flare, fibrin, vitreal degeneration and retinal folds were present. Medical treatment was started (prednisolone acetate q 4–6 h, atropine q 8 h and flunixine meglumine 1.1 mg/kg twice daily). b. Ten days post initial presentation: The clinical signs worsened in the face of aggressive medical treatment. Intravitreal gentamicin injection and aqueocentesis were performed OS. c. Four days post-IVGI OS: Improvement of clinical signs can be readily appreciated. d. Twenty days post-IVGI OS: No flare present. e. Forty-nine days post-IVGI OS: Uveitis remains controlled without medications. The mare was euthanized due to complications associated with cervical spinal fracture 2 months after IVGI

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