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Table 3 Lung virus isolation from mice of different groups challenge with the homologous virus

From: Development of a novel oil-in-water emulsion and evaluation of its potential adjuvant function in a swine influenza vaccine in mice

Group Number of mice carrying H3N2 virus in lung post challenge/total number (Positive rate)
EAS + antigen 0/5
MF59 + antigen 0/5
W/O + antigen 0/5
antigen 1/5
mock 4/5
  1. Mice were challenged intranasally with 0.2 × 105 EID50 of the H3N2 subtype virus strain A/swine/Shandong/3/2005 two weeks after the second immunization. Five mice of each group were euthanized at 5 days post infection (dpi), and whole lungs were collected and homogenized in PBS. The homogenates were centrifuged and the supernatant from each sample was collected for passage in 10-day-old specific pathogen free (SPF) embryonated chicken eggs. The allantoic fluid was harvested and tested for hemagglutinin activity