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Table 2 Median values of the skinfold increase (in mm) using different combinations of measurements for the ITT in M. bovis culture-positive and culture–negative warthogs

From: Measuring antigen-specific responses in Mycobacterium bovis-infected warthogs (Phacochoerus africanus) using the intradermal tuberculin test

Skinfold reading Culture Positive Culture Negative
Δ PPDa 0.2 mm (−0.1–0.5) 0.3 mm (−0.2–0.7)
Δ PPDb 3.0 mm (0.9–4.0) 0.0 mm (−0.1–0.6)
PPDb - PPDa 2.5 mm (1.3–3.5) -0.4 mm (− 0.5–0.1)
  1. Interquartile ranges are shown in parentheses