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Table 6 Parameters, and their distributions, of the example mathematical model

From: Expanding behavior pattern sensitivity analysis with model selection and survival analysis

Parameter Distribution Definition
CTC pharmacokinetics
δ Beta (0.54, 37.4) CTC abiotic degradation rate
γs Uniform (0.0535, 0.0895) CTC flow rate from stomachs to small intestine
γupper_si Uniform (0.250, 0.416) CTC flow rate through the upper 1/3 small intestine
γrest_si Uniform (0.100, 0.166) CTC flow rate through the lower 2/3 small intestine
γLI Uniform (0.100, 0.166) CTC flow rate through large intestine
Eb Uniform (0.39, 0.64) Fraction CTC eliminated via bile
ηLI Uniform (0.69, 0.89) Fraction CTC adsorbed to digesta in the large intestine
VLI Uniform (6, 22) Large intestine contents volume
CTC pharmacodynamics
Hs Uniform (1.62, 2.23) Hill coefficient for susceptible bacteria
Hi Uniform (5.71, 9.53) Hill coefficient for intermediate bacteria
Hr Uniform (6.42, 10) Hill coefficient for resistant bacteria
MICs Uniform (0, 4) Anaerobic MIC for susceptible bacteria
MICi Uniform (2.7, 16) Anaerobic MIC for intermediate bacteria
MICr Uniform (14.7, 128) Anaerobic MIC for resistant bacteria
Bacterial population dynamics in the large intestine
r Uniform (0.05, 0.5) Bacterial growth rate in the large intestine
α Uniform (0, 0.03) Fitness cost for intermediate and resistant bacteria
 log10(Nmax) Weibull (14.03, 20.32) − 7.59 Large intestine carrying capacity for the bacteria
Nstart Uniform (0.1, 0.9) * Nmax Starting bacterial population size
 log10(βjk) Gamma (94.17,0.16) − 22.57 transposon transfer rate between /transposon transfer rate between E. coli subpopulations
λin Uniform (0.001, 0.01) Bacterial in-flow rate to the large intestine
λout Uniform (0.01, 0.02) Bacterial out-flow rate from the large intestine
pi Uniform (0.02, 0.15) Proportion intermediate in in-flowing bacteria
pr Uniform (0.16, 0.61) Proportion resistant in in-flowing bacteria
ps 1- pi - pr Proportion susceptible in in-flowing bacteria
startj Same as pj Starting proportions of resistant (startr), intermediate (starti), and susceptible (starts) bacteria in the large intestine
  1. The model was for the proportion of tetracycline-resistant enteric Escherichia coli in a beef steer during and after administration of oral chlortetracycline, and has been previously published (see text). The parameter symbols, definitions, and distributions are given here. Chlortetracycline (CTC)