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Table 5 The result of the sigmoid Emax model

From: Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of tylosin against Streptococcus suis in pigs

Parameter Healthy porcine streptococcosis
E max 3.230 3.345
EC50 11.171 12.233
E0 −3.488 −3.620
N 1.707 1.849
Emax-E0 6.718 6.965
AUC24 h/MIC for bacteriostatic action 10.679 11.736
AUC24 h/MIC for bactericidal action 49.665 43.032
  1. Emax is maximam difference in log10 of bacterial number of sample incubated with drug, EC50 is the PK-PD parameter of drug that produce 50% of the maximal antibacterial effect, E0 is the difference after 24 h incubation in log10 of number of bacteria in control samples, N is the HILL coefficient which discribes the steepness of the parameter-effect curve