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Table 2 Clefts classification according to the numerical classification system [5]

From: Computed tomographic evaluation of cleft palate in one-day-old puppies

Cleft type Dog No. Breed Diagnostic code
CL 1 French Mastiff 03–01–00-00
CP 2 Golden Retriever 00–00–33-33
3 West Highland White Terrier 00–00–33-33
4 English Bulldog 00–00–33-33
5 Basset Hound 00–00–3-3
6 Yorkshire Terrier 00–00–33-33
CLP 7 English Bulldog 03–03–03-03
8 German Shepherd 22–33–33-33
9 English Bulldog 33–33–33-33
10 English Bulldog 33–33–33-33
  1. Sections represent a clinical topographic area (first – upper lip, second – primary palate, third – hard palate, fourth – soft palate). The first number from each pair represents the right side of the palate, and the second number - the left side. Midline clefts are identified by a single number instead of a pair. Numbers 0 to 3 represent the degree of the cleft; the higher the number the more severe the cleft