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Table 1 Chilean BVDV field isolates studied in this work

From: Genetic diversity of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus from cattle in Chile between 2003 and 2007

Isolate Year Sample Region Clinical symptoms Accession number Type
5’UTR E2
CHL/914 2005 LN Araucanía Abortion JF759955 JF776638 BVDV-1b
CHL/916 2003 Serum de los Ríos PI JF759940 JF776639 BVDV-1a
CHL/917 2003 Serum de los Lagos PI JF759946 JF776640 BVDV-1b
CHL/918 2003 Serum de los Lagos PI JF759944 JF776641 BVDV-1b
CHL/919 2003 Serum de los Lagos PI JF759945 JF776642 BVDV-1b
CHL/920 2003 Serum de los Lagos PI JF759947 JF776643 BVDV-1b
CHL/921 2003 Serum de los Lagos PI JF759941 JF776644 BVDV-1a
CHL/927 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759926 MH078039 BVDV-1j
CHL/928 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759932 MH078040 BVDV-1j
CHL/939 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759931 BVDV-1j
CHL/958 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759928 MH078041 BVDV-1j
CHL/971 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759937 BVDV-1j
CHL/972 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759930 MH078042 BVDV-1j
CHL/992 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759956 MH078043 BVDV-1j
CHL/1014 2006 Serum Bío-Bío RD JF759929 BVDV-1j
CHL/1025 2007 Serum Metropolitana RD JF759948 JF776645 BVDV-1b
CHL/1061 2007 Serum Metropolitana RD JF759949 BVDV-1b
CHL/1068 2007 Serum Metropolitana RD JF759942 JF776646 BVDV-1a
CHL/1071 2003 Serum Araucanía Diarrhea JF759950 BVDV-1b
CHL/1076 2007 Serum Araucanía None JF759951 BVDV-1b
CHL/1078 2007 Serum Araucanía Abortion JF759936 MH078044 BVDV-1j
CHL/1086 2007 Serum Araucanía None JF759954 BVDV-1b
CHL/1087 2007 Serum Maule None JF759935 MH078045 BVDV-1j
CHL/1091 2007 Serum Bío-Bío None JF759922 JF776648 BVDV-1a
CHL/1092 2007 Serum Maule Abortion JF759952 BVDV-1b
CHL/1109 2007 Serum Bío-Bío None JF759953 BVDV-1b
CHL/P22 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759923 BVDV-1j
CHL/P23 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759927 BVDV-1j
CHL/P24 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759934 BVDV-1j
CHL/P26 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759938 BVDV-1j
CHL/P28 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759943 BVDV-1a
CHL/P30 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759939 MH078046 BVDV-1j
CHL/P31 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759933 BVDV-1j
CHL/P32 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759924 BVDV-1j
CHL/P33 2006 Lung Metropolitana None JF759925 BVDV-1j
  1. LN Lymph Node, PI Persistent Infection, RD Reproductive Disorder