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Fig. 1

From: Detection of a streptomycin-resistant Mycobacterium bovis strain through antitubercular drug susceptibility testing of Tunisian Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates from cattle

Fig. 1

Drug susceptibility profiles. Drug susceptibility to INH, RIF, STR, EMB and KAN by d-REMA. A–C, D–F, G–I: sample triplicates. J–L: M. bovis ATCC control in triplicates; M–O: M. avium control resistant to both INH and EMB in triplicates. 1–2: 0.1 (S) and 0.25 (R) μg/ml for INH; 3–4: 0.25 (S) and 0.5 (R) μg/ml for RIF; 5–6: 0.5 (S) and 1.0 (R) μg/ml for STR; 7–8: 2.5 (S) and 3.125 (R) μg/ml for EMB: 9–10: 2.5 (S) and 3.125 (R) μg/ml for KAN; (+) positive control containing no drug; (−) negative control containing uninoculated media

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