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Table 3 Bacterial isolates from healthy mares and their folas

From: Conjunctival aerobic bacterial flora in healthy Silesian foals and adult horses in Poland

pair nr mare isolates foal isolates
1. S. sciuri a S. simulans b
2. S.sciuri a S. xylosus c
B. cepacia d
3. No growth S. sciuri a
M. lacunata e
4. No growth S. xylosus c
5. S. xylosus c
S. paucimobilis f
S. sciuri a
6. S. xylosus c Staphylococcus spp. i
7. S. xylosus c no growth
8. S. sciuri a S. sciuri a
9. S. sciuri a Staphylococcus spp. i
10. no growth S. sciuri a
B. diminuta g
11. S. xylosus c
Ch. meningosepticum h
S. xylosus c
M. lacunata e
  1. Bacterial isolates from healthy mares and their foals: the overlapping results are presented in bold (legend: aStaphylococcus sciuri, bStaphylococcus simulans, cStapylococcus xylosus, dBurkholderia cepacia, eMoraxella lacunata fSphingomonas paucimobilis, gBrevibacterium diminuta, hChryseobacterium meningosepticum, inot subjected to further analysis)