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Table 1 Summary of patient characteristics and response to toceranib

From: Retrospective evaluation of toceranib phosphate (Palladia®) use in the treatment of inoperable, metastatic, or recurrent canine pheochromocytomas: 5 dogs (2014–2017)

Patient Breed Treatment of Measurable Disease or Metastatic Disease Response PFI (weeks) Reason for Toceranib Discontinuation Alive?
1 Shih Tzu Measurable SD 36 Diarrhea Y
2 Aus. Terrier Microscopic/Metastatic SD 18 Ongoing Y
3 Pomeranian Measurable SD 28 Ongoing Y
4 Dachshund Measurable PR 61 Ongoing Y
5 Pit Bull Metastatic SD 11 Lameness N
  1. PFI: Progression free interval