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Table 4 The effect of Sodium butyrate on proinflammatory cytokines in goats fed HG diet versus those fed HG alone and LG diet

From: Sodium butyrate improves antioxidant stability in sub-acute ruminal acidosis in dairy goats

Item LG HG HG + NaB SEM p value
IL-1β, ng/mL 0.1568a 0.2500b 0.1670a 0.024 0.003
IL-6, pg/mL 289.01a 612.5b 404.8c 25.40 0.01
TNF-α fmol/mL 4.008a 7.236b 2.728c 0.234 0.007
  1. The milk yield and milk compositions were analyzed by the mixed model of SAS
  2. LG low gain, HG high grain, HG + NaB high grain + sodium butyrate
  3. a, b and cThe means with different superscript were considered significant different