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Fig. 2

From: Sodium butyrate improves antioxidant stability in sub-acute ruminal acidosis in dairy goats

Fig. 2

Effect of sodium butyrate on LPS concentration in the rumen, portal vein, hepatic vein and jugular vein plasma of dairy goats fed three diets (LG, HG and HG + NaB). a Ruminal LPS, b Portal vein LPS, c Hepatic vein LPS. The concentration of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in plasma was determined by a chromogenic endpoint limulus amoebocyte lysate assay kit (CE64406 &CE80545, Chinese Horseshoe Crab Reagent Manufactory Co., Ltd., Xiamen, China). Data were analysed by mixed model in SAS (SAS version 9.2, SAS Institute Inc., USA) and are expressed as the mean ± S.E.M. **P < 0.01, * P < 0.05. LG = low grain; HG = high grain; HG + NaB = high grain + sodium butyrate

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