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Table 1 Total clinical score

From: A randomized placebo-controlled trial of the efficacy and safety of a terbinafine, florfenicol and betamethasone topical ear formulation in dogs for the treatment of bacterial and/or fungal otitis externa

Clinical sign Score ‘0’ descriptor Score ‘1’ descriptor Score ‘2’ descriptor
Pain None noted Mild/moderate; painful on palpation Severe: painful when raising pinna
Erythema None noted Mild/moderate: barely perceptible to obvious redness visible with an otoscope Severe: beet or cherry red or erythema extends into pinna
Exudate None noted Mild/moderate: small amount to moderate amounts visible in ear canal Severe: extending out of ear canal and may be crusted
Swelling None noted Mild/moderate: minimal occlusion to moderate occlusion of ear canal Severe: canal completely occluded
Odor None noted Mild/moderate: malodor evident when pinna is raised Severe: malodor evident without raising pinna to expose ear canal
Ulceration None noted Mild/moderate: mild abrasions Severe: abrasions that may be bleeding