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Table 3 Cut-offs of the three bead sets with C LPS

From: A bead-based suspension array for the detection of Salmonella antibodies in pig sera

  SC (C1) SL (C1) SN (C2)
Average MFI 419 439 1389
SD 215 212 739
Cut-off (MFI) 1064 1074 3607
  1. Based on historic data [11] it was estimated that responses on bead sets with C LPS by C specific antibodies would not be among the 150 lowest signals from the set of 175 sera. So, for each C LPS bead set, the 150 lowest signals (presumed negatives) were used to calculate cut-offs, defined as the sum of averaged MFIs plus three times the standard deviation. Abbreviations: SC (C1), beads with C1 LPS from S. Choleraesuis; SL (C1), beads with C1 LPS from S. Livingstone; SN (C2), beads with C2 LPS from S. Newport