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Table 1 O-antigenic formulas of used LPS

From: A bead-based suspension array for the detection of Salmonella antibodies in pig sera

Serovar O antigens Serogroup
S. Typhimurium 1, 4, 5, 12 B (O:4 group)
S. Choleraesuis 6, 7 C1 (O:7 group)
S. Livingstone 6, 7 C1 (O:7 group)
S. Newport 6, 8 C2 (O:8 group)
S. Enteritidis 1, 9, 12 D1 (O:9 group)
  1. List of O antigens of five Salmonella serovars of which purified LPS was coupled to beads. Phage dependent O antigens are not listed, except O:1 for S. Enteritidis, and the corresponding serogroups are given with the O group designations between brackets [5]