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Fig. 1

From: Sheep embryonic stem-like cells engrafted into sheep femoral condyle osteochondral defects: 4-year follow-up

Fig. 1

Embryonic stem-like cells engrafted in sheep femoral condyle osteochondral defects (ES), empty defect (ED) and only glue (G). a-d) ES at 4 years from surgery. e-h) ED at 4 years from surgery. I-L) G at 4 years from surgery. a-e-i) macroscopic appearance. b-c-d-f-g-h-j-k-l) histological sections, 1X magnification, bar: 1 mm. b-f-j) Azan-Mallory staining. c-g-k) Safranine-O staining. d-h-l) Collagen type II immunostaining. Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH): M) positive signals in chondrocytes derived from ES-like cells. 40X magnification; bar: 60 μm. N) Same field, 60X magnification; bar: 40 μm. O) Normal female adult articular cartilage from the right lateral femoral condyle (negative control). No signals are detected within chondrocytes. 20X magnification; bar: 120 μm

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