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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Construction and characterization of thymidine auxotrophic (ΔthyA) recombinant Lactobacillus casei expressing bovine lactoferricin

  Genotype / characteristics
E. coli strains
TG1 E. coli cloning host
pMD18-T-HCE-MCS-rrnBT1T2/TG1 TG1harbring pMD18-T-HCE-MCS-rrnBT1T2,Cmrr
pGBHC-Pupp/TG1 TG1 harboring pGBHC-Pupp, Cmrr
pUC57-LFcin/JM109 JM109 harboring pUC57-Lfcin, Amr (Synthesis by Genewiz Biological Technology Co., Ltd)
pGBHCupp-TF-LFEC-TR/TG1 TG1 harboring pGBHCupp-TF-ELFEC-TR, Cmrr
L. caseistrains
ΔuppL.caseiATCC393 L. casei ATCC393 derivative without upp
pGBHCupp-TF-LFEC-TR/L.casei ΔuppL.caseiATCC393 harboring pGBHCupp-TF-ELFEC-TR, Cmrr
ΔthyAL.casei-LFEC ΔthyAL.casei ATCC393 with LfcinBexpression cassette insertion in the thyA
pGBHC-upp Ori (pWV01) with a copy of upp expression cassette, Cmrr
pGBHCupp-TF-LFEC-TR pGBHC-upp containing LfcinB expression cassette between upstream and downstream sequence flanking the thyA integration site