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Table 3 Number of herdsmen reporting cattle death and trade during the transhumance period (October 2014–May 2015). NH: Number of herdsmen reporting events; NC: Number of cattle involved in each reported event

From: Cattle transhumance and agropastoral nomadic herding practices in Central Cameroon

Reported events   NH NC
Causes of cattle losses Accident 5 7
Diseases 4 6
Plant Intoxication 3 10
Cattle trade Sale (within market) 4 13
Sale (outside market) 2 4
Purchase (within market) 0 0
Purchase (outside market) 0 0
  1. Reported cattle losses during transhumance were stratified by the cause of death as diagnosed by herdsmen. Reported trade events during transhumance were stratified by whether animals were sold (or purchased) within or outside the trading system (livestock markets)