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Table 1 Morphological grading system [60, 61]

From: Inflammatory pattern of the infrapatellar fat pad in dogs with canine cruciate ligament disease

Structure 0 (normal) 1 (mild) 2 (moderate) 3 (severe)
Synovitisa Thin synovial membrane with thin scattered vessels Isolated thickening of synovial membrane with granulations and small vessels Synovial membrane with abundant villous projections and large vessels Synovial membrane with large villi and abundant vasculature
Osteophytesb none solitary multiple confluent
Medial meniscus normal Fibrillated surface Undisplaced tear Displaced tear
Articular cartilage lesionsc none Solitary fibrillation Multiple areas of fibrillation up to solitary erosion Multiple erosions to the level of subchondral bone
  1. aArthroscopic evaluation of the synovial membrane
  2. bDevelopment of osteophytes along the femoral condyles, the dorsal aspect of the patellar sulcus and within the femoral notch itself, evaluated via arthroscopy
  3. cArea of femoral trochlea visualized via arthroscopy