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Table 1 Treatment distribution of sows and vaccination schedule in both gestational cycles

From: Exploratory field study on the effect of Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) sow vaccination on serological, virological and reproductive parameters in a PCV2 subclinically infected sow herd

Population Nb Group Treatment Volume and doses Number of sows bled
First gestational cycle Second gestational cycle
Sows 94 (75) V PCV2 vaccinea 2 ml at 6 and 3 weeks pre-farrowing 2 ml at 2 weeks pre-farrowing 48
97 (75) NV PBS 48
  1. V vaccinated, NV non-vaccinated
  2. aAnimals were vaccinated with CIRCOVAC®
  3. bIn parentheses, number of sows remaining for the second gestational cycle in each group