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Table 5 GenBank accession numbers of the vp22 amino acid sequences used in this study

From: First molecular detection and characterization of Marek’s disease virus in red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis): a case report

Isolate Country of Origin Accession Number Pathotype
Md5 USA YP-001033978.1 vvMDV
CVI988/Rispens Netherlands ABF72291.1 attMDV
GA USA AAF66784.1 vMDV
RB1B USA ABR13137.1 vvMDV
Md11 USA AAS01692.1 vvMDV
648A USA AFM7426.1 vv + MDV
549A USA ABV31181.1 vvMDV
571 USA ABV31182.1 vMDV
584A USA ABV31183.1 vv + MDV
595 USA ABV31184.1 vvMDV
686 USA ABV31179.1 vv + MDV
JW/102 W USA ABV31188.1 vMDV
CU-2 USA ABV31189.1 mMDV
R2/23 USA ABV31191.1 N.A.
RM-1 USA ABV31180.2 N.A.
CC/1409 China AQN78018.1 N.A.
HS/1412 China AQN78190.1 N.A.
J-1 China AQN77146.1 N.A.
814 China AEV55030.1 attMDV
GX0101 China AFX97970.1 vvMDV
LMS China AEZ51712.1 vvMDV
JL/1404 China AQN77845.1 N.A.
LCC China AQN77320.1 N.A.
LCY China ARE59101.1 N.A.
LTS China AQN77496.1 N.A.
  1. Abbreviation: att attenuated, N.A not available, v virulent, vv very virulent, vv + very virulent plus