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Table 4 GenBank accession numbers of the L-meq amino acid sequences used in this study

From: First molecular detection and characterization of Marek’s disease virus in red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis): a case report

Isolate Country of Origin Accession Number Pathotype
CVI988/Rispens Netherlands ABF72204.1 attMDV
814 China ADA83412.1 attMDV
GX060167 China ACD75766.1 N.A.
HNGS201 China CCO02736.1 N.A.
MDCC-MSB1 Japan BAC57989.1 N.A.
MDCC-RP1 Japan BAC57991.1 N.A.
BC-1 USA AAR13319.1 vMDV
GA USA AAC54628.1 vMDV
JM10 USA AAP06937.1 vMDV
JM/102 W USA ABG22905.1 vMDV
RM-1 USA ABG22996.1 attMDV
CU-2 USA ACF94907.1 mMDV
3004 Russia ABS84657.1 attMDV
  1. Abbreviation: att attenuated; m mild, N.A not available, v virulent, vv very virulent, vv + very virulent plus