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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers of the Meq amino acid sequences used in this study

From: First molecular detection and characterization of Marek’s disease virus in red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis): a case report

Isolate Country of Origin Accession Number Pathotype
Md5 USA AAG14255.1 vvMDV
Md11 USA AAS01627.1 vvMDV
GA USA AAF66798.1 vMDV
RB1B USA AY243332 vvMDV
RL USA AAR13332.1 vv + MDV
TK USA AAR13333.1 vv + MDV
N USA AAR13330.1 vv + MDV
New USA AAR13331.1 vv + MDV
U USA AAR13334.1 vv + MDV
W USA AAR13335.1 vv + MDV
X USA AAR13336.1 vv + MDV
571 USA AAR13322.1 vMDV
573 USA AAR13323.1 vMDV
595 USA AAR13327.1 vvMDV
617A USA AAR13324.1 vMDV
637 USA AAR13325.1 vMDV
643P USA AAR13328.1 vvMDV
660-A USA AAR13338.1 vv + MDV
648A USA AAR13337.1 vv + MDV
686 USA AAR13339.1 vv + MDV
CVI988/Rispens Netherlands AAP06940.1 attMDV
814 China AAL99997.1 attMDV
J-1 China AEA06596.1 N.A.
LQQHR China AEM63533.1 N.A.
LSY2 China AEM63534.1 N.A.
LMS China AEZ51745.1 vvMDV
GX0101 China AFX97850.1 vvMDV
GX070060 China ACA13267.1 vvMDV
GX070079 China ACA13268.1 N.A.
BY China/Tibet AEA06593.1 N.A.
GXY2 China ABQ23868.1 N.A.
LDH China AEM63523.1 N.A.
LYC China AEM63536.1 N.A.
YLO40920 China ABA54944.1 N.A.
G2 China AAM00003.1 vvMDV
  1. Abbreviation: Att attenuated, N.A not available, v virulent, vv very virulent, vv + very virulent plus