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Table 1 Timeline table of the information in the case report

From: First molecular detection and characterization of Marek’s disease virus in red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis): a case report

Date Clinical Observation Intervention Samples Collected
Aug 19-20 Red-crowned crane Aa: emaciation, reduced appetite.
Diagnostic check: Heart rate: 106 bp/min
Body temperature: 39.7°C
Weight: 1.6kg;
Crane Aa: astasia.
Rocephin (100 mg/kg) + Dexamethasone (0.25 mg/kg) + 0.9% NaCl 15 ml (intravenous infusion once daily for 3 days)
Vitamin C (100 mg/kg) + Vitamin B1(15 mg/kg) + ATP (5 mg/kg) + Inosine (15 mg/kg) + coenzyme A (15 IU/kg) + 10% glucose 15 ml (intravenous infusion once daily for 3 days)
10% glucose + mixture of fish and corn, orally, for 3 days
Calcium gluconate (25 mg/kg) + 10% glucose 15 ml (intravenous infusion once daily), for 1 day
Crane Aa:
•Histopathological examination of liver, heart, and spleen.
Three repeated samples were collected from each tissue.
The ratio of MDV-positive tissues:
Heart: 67%, liver: 100%, spleen: 67%.
•RNA extraction of feather, liver, spleen, kidney and muscle. Three of each.
Positive ratio of all samples was 100%.
•Genome extraction of muscle, feather, feather-pulp and spleen; three of each.
The positive ratio of all samples was 100%.
Crane Bb:
same as crane A.
Aug 21 Diagnostic check:
Heart rate: 156 bp/min
Body temperature: 39.8°C
Crane Aa died.
Aug 22 Clinical necropsy:
Nodules found in skin, muscle, liver, heart, trachea, and gizzard. (MD suspected).
Sept 11 Crane Bb:
obvious swelling of its left knee joint.
Musk analgesic aerosol, external use
Sept 12-17 Clinical improvement: Recovered appetite, left knee joint swelled Musk analgesic aerosol + ichthammol ointment, external use
Calcium tablets (10 mg/kg) + Vitamin D2(500 IU/kg) + Vitamin A (1500 IU/kg), orally
Sept 18-19 Relapse, anorexia, depression
Sept 20 Crane Bb died.
Clinical necropsy: Inflammatory exudates; diffuse yellow-white nodules in muscle, liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, gizzard, and heart.
  1. aCrane A: hatched on June 10, died on Aug 22, 2015. Body weight: 1.6 kg
  2. bCrane B: hatched on June 9, died on Sep 22. Body weight: 2.4 kg