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Table 2 Antibodies used for flow cytometry

From: Safety and efficacy of the mesenchymal stem cell in feline eosinophilic keratitis treatment

Antibody Supplier Clone Isotype Fluorochrome
CD29 Miltenyi Biotech TS2/16 IgG1 κ PE
CD34 Miltenyi Biotech AC136 IgG2a FITC
CD44 Miltenyi Biotech DB105 IgG1 APC
CD45 Miltenyi Biotech 5B1 IgG2a APC
CD73 BD Pharmingen AD2 IgG1 κ PE
CD90 Miltenyi Biotech DG3 IgG1 APC
MHC-I BD Pharmingen G46–2.6 IgG1 κ FITC
MHC-II BD Pharmingen G46–6 IgG2a κ PE
STRO-1 R&D Systems STRO-1 IgM λ Pure
Anti-mouse IgM AbD Serotec 3A6 Polyclonal PE