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Table 3 Information of primary and recurrent PED outbreaks occurred in the three pig farms in this study

From: Molecular characterization of US-like and Asian non-S INDEL strains of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) that circulated in Japan during 2013–2016 and PEDVs collected from recurrent outbreaks

  Farm 1 Farm 2 Farm 3
Primary outbreak Recurrent outbreak Primary outbreak Recurrent outbreak Primary outbreak Recurrent outbreak
Outbreak time May-2014 Feb-2016 May-2014 Feb-2016 May-2014 Feb-2016
Scale of farm 2000 sows 2000 sows 580 sows 600 sows 700 sows 700 sows
Vaccination No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Morbidity (%) 100 60 100 70 100 70
Mortality (%) 100a 50b 70a 30a 70a 30a
Sample 14JM-168 16JM-334, 16JM-339 14JM-179, 14JM-181 16JM-325, 16JM-326 14JM-199, 14JM-200 16JM-319, 16JM-323
  1. aMortality rate of piglets less than two weeks-old; bMortality rate of the piglets less than one-week-old
  2. All the information for mortality and morbidity was kindly supplied by the veterinarians responsible for these farms