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Table 1 Forty-five Japanese field PEDVs and two vaccine strains were used in this study

From: Molecular characterization of US-like and Asian non-S INDEL strains of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) that circulated in Japan during 2013–2016 and PEDVs collected from recurrent outbreaks

No Strain Age group Collection time Geographic origin Accession No of genes
S gene M gene N gene
1 14JM-01 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619734 KY619830 KY619781
2 14JM-07 Post-weaning 2014/Apr Miyazaki KY619735   KY619782
3 14JM-40 Suckling 2014/Apr Hokkaido KY619736   KY619783
4 14JM-118 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619737   KY619784
5 14JM-119 Suckling 2014/Apr Miyazaki KY619738   KY619785
6 14JM-123 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619739   KY619786
7 14JM-126 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619740   KY619787
8 13JM-127 Suckling 2013/Dec Miyazaki KY619741 KY619831 KY619788
9 13JM-128 Suckling 2013/Dec Miyazaki KY619742 KY619832 KY619789
10 14JM-138 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619743   KY619790
11 14JM-139 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619744   KY619791
12 14JM-140 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619745   KY619792
13 14JM-142 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619746   KY619793
14 14JM-143 Suckling 2014/Feb Miyazaki KY619747   KY619794
15 14JM-144 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619748 KY619833 KY619795
16 14JM-146 Suckling 2014/Apr Miyazaki KY619749   KY619796
17 14JM-147 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619750   KY619797
18 14JM-150 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619751   KY619798
19 14JM-152 Suckling 2014/Mar Miyazaki KY619752   KY619799
20 14JM-157 Suckling 2014/May Aichi KY619753   KY619800
21 14JM-168 farm 1 Suckling 2014/May Aomori KY619754   KY619801
22 14JM-179 farm 2 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619755   KY619802
23 14JM-181 farm 2 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619756   KY619803
24 14JM-199 farm 3 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619757   KY619804
25 14JM-200 farm 3 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619758   KY619805
26 14JM-205 Suckling 2014/Jun Hokkaido KY619759   KY619806
27 14JM-208 Suckling 2014/Jun Aichi KY619760 KY619834 KY619807
28 14JM-210 Sow 2014/Jul Aichi KY619761   KY619808
29 14JM-216 Sow 2014/Jul Aichi KY619762 KY619835 KY619809
30 14JM-226 Suckling 2014/Jul Kagoshima KY619763   KY619810
31 14JM-236 Suckling 2014/Jul Miyazaki KY619764 KY619837 KY619811
32 14JM-242 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619765   KY619812
33 14JM-248 Suckling 2014/Jane Miyazaki KY619766   KY619813
34 14JM-268 Suckling 2014/May Miyazaki KY619767   KY619814
35 13JM-291 Suckling 2013/Dec Kagoshima KY619768   KY619815
36 13JM-293 Suckling 2013/Dec Kagoshima KY619769   KY619816
37 14JM-297 Suckling 2014/Apr Aichi KY619770   KY619817
38 14JM-311 Suckling 2014/Apr Aichi KY619771   KY619818
39 15JM-315 Suckling 2015/Jun Aichi KY619772   KY619819
40 16JM-319 farm 3 Suckling 2016/Feb Miyazaki KY619773 KY619836 KY619820
41 16JM-323 farm 3 Suckling 2016/Feb Miyazaki KY619774   KY619821
42 16JM-325 farm 2 Suckling 2016/Feb Miyazaki KY619775   KY619822
43 16JM-326 farm 2 Suckling 2016/Feb Miyazaki KY619776   KY619823
44 16JM-334 farm 1 Suckling 2016/Feb Aomori KY619777 KY619838 KY619824
45 16JM-339 farm 1 Suckling 2016/Feb Aomori KY619778 KY619839 KY619825
46 96P4C6 Nisseiken Co 2013/Dec   KY619779 KY619828 KY619827
47 P5-V Kakatsuken Co 2014/Apr   KY619780 KY619829 KY619826
  1. - The following Japanese field strains have the same S gene sequences: 14JM-127 and 14JM-311; 14JM-01, 14JM-119, and 14JM123; 14JM-138, 14JM-142, and 14JM-150; 14JM-208 and14JM-216; 14JM-146, 14JM-147, and 14JM-199; 16JM-334 and 16JM-339; 16JM-319, 16JM-323, and 16JM-325
  2. -The following Japanese field strains have the same M gene sequences: 14JM-01, 14JM-07, 14JM-40, 14JM-118, 14JM-119, 14JM-123, 14JM-126, 14JM-138, 14JM-139, 14JM-140, 14JM-142, 14JM-143, 14JM-146, 14JM-147, 14JM-150, 14JM-152, 14JM-157, 14JM-168, 14JM-179, 14JM-181, 14JM-199, 14JM-200, 14JM-205, 14JM-210, 14JM-226, 14JM-242, 14JM-248, 14JM-268, 13JM-291, 13JM-293, 14JM-297, 14JM-311, and 15JM-315; 16JM-319, 16JM-323, 16JM-325, and 16JM-326; 13JM-127 and 13JM-128; 14JM-208 and 14JM-216; 16JM-334 and 16JM-339
  3. - The following Japanese field strains have the same N gene sequences: 13JM-127, 13JM-128, 14JM-142, 14JM-143, 14JM-157, 14JM-208, 14JM-216, 14JM-248, and 13JM-291; 14JM-01 and 14JM-119; 14JM-07, 14JM-126, and 14JM-123; 14JM-138, 14JM-150, and 14JM-226; 14JM-139, 14JM-152, and 14JM-242; 14JM-146, 14JM-147,14JM-179, 14JM181, 14JM-199, 14JM-200, 14JM-236, and 14JM-311; 14JM-268 and 13JM-293; 16JM-319 and 16JM-323; 16JM-334 and 16JM-339; 16JM-325 and 16JM-326