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Table 2 Post-operative pain scoring scale used at the WVS ITC

From: Investigation of short-term surgical complications in a low-resource, high-volume dog sterilisation clinic in India

Pain score Clinical signs often associated with degree of pain
0 No pain Bright, eating, sleeping comfortably, grooming, affectionate
1 Mild discomfort Eats, sleeps, resists surgical palpation, not depressed
2 Mild pain Picks at food, guards surgical area, slightly depressed
3 Mild to moderate Inappetant, guards/ looks/ licks/ chews surgical area, unrelaxed, whimpers
4 Moderate Depressed, reluctant to move, aggressive, may vocalise, mydriasis
5 Increased moderate As 4, but more pronounced
6 Moderate to severe Very depressed, will not move even to urinate, vocalises often
7 Severe Motionless, extremely depressed, vocalises
8 Increased severe As 7, hyperalgesic wherever touched, trembling
9 Excruciating Piercing screams, nearly comatose