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Table 1 Factors influencing the locations of swine farms in Ontario, scoring guidelines, and geographic information system data used to assign scores

From: Modeling livestock population structure: a geospatial database for Ontario swine farms

Attributes Scoring guideline GIS Data
Zoning and Local Regulations   
 Population centers Farms are not allowed to be established within a municipality or a population center Ontario Population Centers /Residential Land Use
 Agricultural zone Swine farms are encouraged to be established within the area zoned for agricultural use Agricultural ecumene
 Roads within population center Although farms are almost always near a road network, the roads passing within a population center or residential area should be away from a swine farm Road Network Passing through a population Center/ Residential Location
Land Availability   
 Crown Land Crown Land - MNR Unpatented Land Public are not supposed to have any private establishment. However, since the most recent update in the database (2010), a proportion of the land may have been given access to public. Therefore, we assigned a suitability score of 5% within the Crown Land, and 100% for the remainder Crown Land - MNR Unpatented Land Public
 Crown Game Preserves Farms are not allowed to be established on land designated for Crown game preserves Crown Game Preserves
 Government Institutional Land Use Farms are not allowed to be established on land designated for government institutions Government Institutional Land Use
 Industrial Land Use Farms are not generally allowed to be established on land designated for industrial establishments Resources and Industrial Land Use
 Camp, Recreation Farms should be located a certain distance from camp and recreational establishments Camp, Recreation
Facilities Supporting Farm Infrastructure   
 Road Network Roads that do not got through population centers have a higher likelihood of being near swine farms Road Network
  Swine farms could be located near highways, but their access to transportation will depend on the local road network connecting the farms, thus we only kept the local road network attribute.  
Geographic Barriers   
 Waterbodies Swine farms are generally not located near shorelines of the large waterbodies (e.g. Great Lakes). Therefore, we considered that it would be unlikely that farms would be within 1 km of the shorelines of the Great Lakes. Great Lakes
 Large Inland Waterbodies We consider it highly unlikely that a swine farm would be located within the boundaries of large inland waterbodies (e.g. rivers and lakes). Inland lakes and rivers