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Table 4 Effects of ORI on the number of proliferation peripheral blood T and B lymphocyte of broiler chickens (%)

From: Effects of dietary supplementation with oridonin on the growth performance, relative organ weight, lymphocyte proliferation, and cytokine concentration in broiler chickens

Items Diet Treatments1 SEM2 P-Value
CON O1 O2 O3
T lymphocyte
14 d 0.13b 0.29a 0.33a 0.36a 0.09 0.031
28 d 0.13b 0.32a 0.36a 0.38a 0.04 0.027
42 d 0.51b 0.71a 0.77a 0.76a 0.11 0.031
B lymphocyte
14 d 0.13b 0.27a 0.31a 0.37a 0.05 0.043
28 d 0.16b 0.24a 0.22a 0.26a 0.03 0.024
42 d 0.14b 0.47a 0.46a 0.50a 0.02 0.032
  1. 1Control = basal diet; O1, O2, and O3 groups = basal diet with 50, 80, and 100 mg/kg ORI, respectively
  2. 2Standard error of the mean based on pooled estimate of variation
  3. a-bMeans within the same row that do not share a common superscript are significantly different (P < 0.05); n = 8