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Table 3 Change of amino acids to VP2 partial protein

From: Molecular analysis of carnivore Protoparvovirus detected in white blood cells of naturally infected cats

  1. The host-specific amino acids which differentiate FPV and CPV are represented by grey dashes
  2. Deduced amino acid sequences of the VP2 gene were obtained from GenBank
  3. aPrototype FPV: strain FPV-b (M38246)
  4. bPrototype CPV type 2: strain CPV-b (M38245)
  5. cPrototype CPV type 2a: strain CPV-15 (M24003)
  6. dPrototype CPV type 2b: strain CPV-39 (M74849)
  7. eReference strain CPV type 2a: CPV-677 (AF306445)
  8. fReference strain CPV type 2b: CPV-637 (AF306450)
  9. gReference strain CPV type 2c: CPV-695 (AF01519)