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Table 2 Diversity, frequency, and molecular features of canine-derived Giardia duodenalis isolates at the glutamate dehydrogenase locus. Castellón, Eastern Spain, 2014–2016. GenBank accession numbers are provided. Novel genotypes are shown underlined

From: Occurrence and molecular epidemiology of Giardia duodenalis infection in dog populations in eastern Spain

Assemblage Sub-assemblage No. isolates Dog status Reference sequence Stretch (pb) Single nucleotide polymorphism(s) GenBank accession number
A AII 1 Hunting L40510 78–482 A175R, A271R MF285561
1 Sheltered L40510 78–482 C198T MF285562
B BIII 1 Shepherd AF069059 54–455 C87T, G93R, T95Y, C99Y, T147Y, G150R, T230Y, G277R, C309T MF285563
1 Sheltered AF069059 54–455 C87T, T138Y, T147Y, T219Y, T237Y, C309Y, C330Y, G354A, G372R, T382K, G406R, A414R, G444R MF285564
1 Sheltered AF069059 44–455 C87Y, C99Y, T147Y, G189R, C309T, G354R, G406R MF285565
BIV 1 Shepherd L40508 80–481 T183C, T387C, C396T, C423T MF285566
1 Sheltered L40508 109–496 C133A, T464Y MF285567
C 1 Sheltered U60984 78–490 No MF285568
D 1 Sheltered U60986 80–481 No MF285569
1 Sheltered U60986 80–481 G225R, T429C, G441A, MF285570
2 Breeding, Sheltered U60986 80–481 T240C MF285571
1 Hunting U60986 80–481 T240C, C375T MF285572
1 Sheltered U60986 80–481 T240Y, T429Y, G441R MF285573
3 Sheltered U60986 80–481 T240C, T429C, G441A, T459A MF285574
1 Sheltered U60986 80–481 C375T MF285575
2 Hunting, Sheltered U60986 80–481 T429C, G441A MF285576
1 Sheltered U60986 80–481 C216Y, T429C, G441A, C471Y MF285577
  1. K: A/T; R: A/G; Y: C/T