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Table 5 List of bioinformatics analysis software used in this study

From: Molecular cloning and characterization of the family of feline leucine-rich glioma-inactivated (LGI) genes, and mutational analysis in familial spontaneous epileptic cats

Bioinformatics analysis software URL Prediction purpose
ORF finder Predict ORF
ProtParam Basic properties
PsiPred Secondary structures
NetOGlyc 4.0 O-glycosylation sites
NetNGlyc 1.0 N-glycosylation sites
NetPhos 3.1 Phosphorylation sites
TMHMM Server v. 2.0 Transmembrane domains
SignalP 4.1 Signal peptides
SCRATCH Disulfide bonds
PSORT II Sub cellular distribution
LALIGN Pairwise alignments
SMART Structural domains
STRING 10.0 Proteins interaction
SIFT Predicting pathogenicity
PP2 Predicting pathogenicity
PROVEAN Predicting pathogenicity