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Table 1 Results of passive bat rabies surveillance undertaken in Moselle and Meurthe & Moselle

From: Bat rabies surveillance in France: first report of unusual mortality among serotine bats

Studied zone Area (km2) Total found dead Bats not analysed FAT RTCIT hnRT-PCR Typing of virus
Moselle 6216 28 12 6a (10) 6 (10) 7 (9) EBLV-1
Meurthe & Moselle 5246 12 2 1b (9) 1 (9) 1 (9) EBLV-1
  1. Passive bat rabies surveillance was strengthened in Moselle and Meurthe & Moselle following the report of rabies infection in dead bats found in an Eptesicus serotinus maternity colony in Ancy sur Moselle
  2. Analysis covered the period from 29 June to 15 October 2009
  3. Of 28 bats found dead in Moselle, 19 were found dead in the maternity colony of Ancy sur Moselle. Ten were not analysed, six tested positive by FAT and three tested negative by FAT
  4. Values in brackets correspond to the number of negative samples; the number of positive samples is shown in bold and italics
  5. a Samples from Ancy sur Moselle (lat. 49.054158, long. 6.058299)
  6. b Samples from Mars La Tour (lat. 49.098675, long. 5.887584)