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Table 4 Reference genes ranked based on their expression stability, M, in canine osteosarcoma primary tumors and cell lines

From: Reference gene validation for gene expression normalization in canine osteosarcoma: a geNorm algorithm approach

Primary tumors (tissues) Cell lines
Gene M value Gene M value
RPS19 0.790 HNRNPH 0.420
RPS5 0.796 RPS5 0.423
HNRNPH 0.803 B2M 0.475
HPRT 0.808 RPS19 0.494
GUSB 0.816 GUSB 0.508
GAPDH 0.835 HPRT 0.510
RPL8 0.842 GAPDH 0.510
SRPR 0.921 RPL8 0.579
B2M 1.210 SRPR 0.588
  1. The lower the M value for a gene, the more stable expression is across the samples