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Table 1 Genome genotype constellation of the 11 segments of RVA/Roe deer-wt/SLO/D110–15/G8P[14], the closest nucleotide identities from GenBank and identities shared with Slovenian RVA/Hu-wt/SVN/SI-2987/09/G8P[14] strain

From: Whole genome sequence and a phylogenetic analysis of the G8P[14] group A rotavirus strain from roe deer

Gene Strain SLO/D110–15 Strains in the GenBank with the closest nucleotide identity
  Genotype Accession no. Strain Accession no. Nt identity (%) Host
VP7 G8 KY426808 OVR762 EF554153 96.9 Ovine
SI-2987/09 KY972333 85.7a Human
VP4 P[14] KY426812 Tottori-SG AB853893 94.7 Bovine
SI-2987/09 KY972331 83.7a Human
VP6 I2 KY426813 Tottori-SG AB853894 94.1 Bovine
SI-2987/09 KY972332 87.0a Human
VP1 R2 KY426809 B10925 EF554115 94.8 Human
SI-2987/09 KY972328 85.5a Human
VP2 C2 KY426810 182-02 KU508381 92.3 Human
SI-2987/09 KY972329 95.4a Human
VP3 M2 KY426811 SI-R56 JX094030 98.6 Human
SI-2987/09 KY972330 91.1a Human
NSP1 A3 KY426803 NCDV GU808570 97.2 Bovine
SI-2987/09 KY972323 99.7a Human
NSP2 N2 KY426804 1604 JN831216 96.6 Bovine
SI-2987/09 KY972324 99.3a Human
NSP3 T6 KY426805 UCD GQ428138 97.8 Giraffe
SI-2987/09 KY972325 93.1a Human
NSP4 E2 KY426806 BEF06018 KU128901 97.8 Human
SI-2987/09 KY972326 97.0a Human
NSP5 H3 KY426813 BEF06018 KU128902 99.7 Human
SI-2987/09 KY972327 95.1a Human
  1. athe identity scores were calculated with the partial nucleotide sequences of the rotavirus strain SI-2987/09