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Table 4 Comparison of the velocity curve reference intervals based on the maximum amplitude or clot rigidity

From: Preliminary reference intervals and the impact of citrate storage time for thrombelastography in cats including delta and the velocity curve

MA version G version
Variable (unit) RI Variable (unit) RI
TMRTG (min) 3.5–22.0 TMRTGG (min) 4.1–23.0
MRTG (mm/min) 4.0–19.3 MRTGG (dsc) 2.1–11.9
TG (mm/min) 255.3–751.2 TGG (dsc) 138.8–828.5
TMRL (min) 0.4–55.8 TMRLG (min) 0.0–55.9
MRL (mm/min) 0.0–4.7 MRLG (dsc) −1.6 – 7.7
  1. For each variable, in both versions the same statistical method was used. G version variables show an appended “G”
  2. Abbreviations: MA maximum amplitude, G clot rigidity, RI reference interval, TMRTG(G) time to maximum rate of thrombus generation, MRTG(G) maximum rate of thrombus generation, TG(G) (total) thrombus generation, TMRL(G) time to maximum rate of lysis, MRL(G) maximum rate of lysis, min minute, mm millimeter, dsc dyn/cm2/s