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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers of nucleotide sequences generated in this study

From: In silico and phylogenetic analyses of partial BbRAP-1, BbCP2, BbSBP-4 and BbβTUB gene sequences of Babesia bovis isolates from cattle in South Africa

Province Sample ID GenBank accession number
KwaZulu-Natal KZN-C1 KF626629
KZN-C2 KF626619 KF626630 KF626639
INDIA KF626620 KF626631 KF626640
Mpumalanga MP-C16 KF626621
MP-C17 KF626641
MP-C18 KF626622 KF626632 KF626642
Western Cape WC-10270 KF626623 KF626633 KF626643
Gauteng GP-C7 KF626624 KF626634 KF626644
GP-C15 KF626635
GP-C17 KF626625 KF626636 KF626645
Eastern Cape EC-23A KF626626
North West NW-C2 KF626627 KF626637 KF626646
NW-C4 KF626628 KF626638 KF626647
  1. (−-) No sequences generated