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Table 5 Significance of each predictor in a simple univariate logistic model to predict the likelihood of a match (N = 838)

From: Assisting differential clinical diagnosis of cattle diseases using smartphone-based technology in low resource settings: a pilot study

Variable Name Explanation P-value
Age Age of animal 0.43
Sex Sex of animal 0.86
Breed Breed of animal 0.07
S_Count Number of signs provided for this case 0.72
Region Region of the country from which case came 0.00
Town Town within which the student practitioner was working 0.00
User_Diag The diagnosis provided by the student practitioner 0.00
In_VAE Was diagnosis listed as a possible outcome within the VAE app? 0.00
VAE_Max The actual maximum probability score associated with the diagnosis predicted to be the most likely match by the VAE app 0.00