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Table 4 Criteria used to assess fecal and appearance/demeanor scores

From: Molecules produced by probiotics prevent enteric colibacillosis in pigs

Fecal Sco Fecal score Description
 0 No diarrhea, normal stools
 1 Pasty feces
 2 Liquid feces with some evidence of solids
 3 Severe watery diarrhea, with or without blood
Appearance/ demeanor score Description
 0 Normal pig, good body condition, normal activity and attention
 1 Pig shows mild signs of gauntness, some hollowing at the flanks, skin is duller, pig may be less active and less attentive
 2 Pig shows significant signs of gauntness, skin is pale and hair is starting to become more apparent, pig shows mild signs of lethargy and less attentive to surroundings, more reluctant to move
 3 Pig shows major signs of gauntness, gray pallor to skin, hair is pronounced, back may be humped up, pig shows definite signs of lethargy, and dull demeanor