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Table 1 Waterfowl parvovirus isolates used in this study for sequence comparison, recombination analysis, and construction of phylogenetic tree

From: Molecular characterization of a novel Muscovy duck parvovirus isolate: evidence of recombination between classical MDPV and goose parvovirus strains

Viral classification Strain Pathogenicity Native host Geographic origin Collection date GenBank accession no.
MDPV FM Pathogenic Muscovy duck France n.a U22967
P Pathogenic Muscovy duck China 1988 JF926697
FZ91–30 Vaccine Muscovy duck China 1991 KT865605
YY Pathogenic Muscovy duck China 2000 KX000918
GPV B Pathogenic Goose Hungary 1967 U25749
06–0329 Pathogenic Goose Taiwan 2006 EU583391
82–0321 Pathogenic Goose Taiwan 1982 EU583390
VG32–1 Vaccine Goose Germany n.a EU583392
SYG61v Vaccine Goose China 1961 KC996729
LH Pathogenic Goose China 2012 KM272560
YZ99–6 Pathogenic Goose China 1999 KC996730
Recombinant ZW Pathogenic Muscovy duck China 2006 KY744743
  1. n.a.: not available