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Table 1 List of samples taken from giant pandas

From: Isolation and identification of culturable fungi from the genitals and semen of healthy giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Name Sex Sample Age Sample date Note
A female vaginal secretion 11 yr. 5mo. 2013.4 Pre-procreated
B female vaginal secretion 5 yr. 2013.3 First artificial breeding
C female vaginal secretion 5 yr. 7mo. 2013.2 First artificial breeding
D female vaginal secretion 12 yr. 2013.4 First artificial breeding
E female vaginal secretion 6 yr. 9mo. 2013.5 First artificial breeding
F female vaginal secretion 7 yr. 8mo. 2013.3 First artificial breeding
G female vaginal secretion 5 yr. 7mo. 2013.4 First artificial breeding
H female vaginal secretion 2013.3 First artificial breeding
I female vaginal secretion 18 yr. 8mo. 2013.2 Not pregnant for 5 years
J female vaginal secretion 10 yr. 7mo. 2013.4 Not pregnant for 2 years
K male prepuce inclusions 10 yr. 3mo. 2013.3  
L male prepuce inclusions 14 yr. 7mo. 2013.4  
M male prepuce inclusions 10 yr. 7mo. 2013.5  
N male prepuce inclusions 10 yr. 7mo. 2013.4  
O male prepuce inclusions and semen 10 yr. 6mo. 2013.4  
P male semen 8 yr. 6mo. 2013.5  
Q male prepuce inclusions 7-10 yr 2013.3  
R male prepuce inclusions 8 yr 2013.4  
S male prepuce inclusions 7 yr.8mo 2013.2  
T male prepuce inclusions 8 yr. 2013.4  
U male prepuce inclusions and semen 8 yr. 7mo 2013.4  
  1. Note: Because panda H was captured in the wild, its age is not known