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Table 1 Clinical description of udder health problems by pastoral people: results of content analysis of individual interviews and focus group discussions

From: Important knowledge gaps among pastoralists on causes and treatment of udder health problems in livestock in southern Ethiopia: results of qualitative investigation

Clinical description of mastitis Number of times mentioneda
Swelling of udder 33
Bloody (red) milk 16
Pus discharge upon milking 9
Blind teat 8
Painful udder and teat 6
Difficulty in milk letdown 3
Teat perforation 3
Milk with stingy odour 2
Cracks on teat 2
Abnormal discharge from teats 1
Skin sloughing of teats/udder 1
  1. aNumber of the issue was mentioned (can be multiple times in the IDI, FGD or informal discussion)