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Table 2 Evaluation of monitoring of AMR in the Netherlands for implementation in an AMR summary index1

From: A summary index for antimicrobial resistance in food animals in the Netherlands

Class Antibiotic Broiler chickens Laying hens Fattening pigs Veal calves Dairy cattle
Salmonella spp.
 Quinolones Ciprofloxacin C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS
 Cephalosporins Cefotaxime C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS
 Tetracyclins Tetracycline C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS
 Penicillins Ampicillin C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS C-EDS
Campylobacter spp.
 Quinolones Ciprofloxacin CREDS -REDS -REDS -REDS
 Cephalosporins Cefotaxime CREDS -REDS -REDS -REDS
 Tetracyclins Tetracycline CREDS -REDS -REDS -REDS
 Penicillins Ampicillin CREDS -REDS -REDS -REDS
E. coli
 Quinolones Ciprofloxacin CREDS CREDS CREDS CREDS
 Cephalosporins Cefotaxime CREDS CREDS CREDS CREDS
 Tetracyclins Tetracycline CREDS CREDS CREDS CREDS
 Penicillins Ampicillin CREDS CREDS CREDS CREDS
  1. 1 C Continuity, R Representativeness, E Simplicity, D Data quality, S Sensitivity