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Fig. 7

From: Polysplenia syndrome with duodenal and pancreatic dysplasia in a Holstein calf: a case report

Fig. 7

Morphology of diaphragm and major vascular system. a Caudal view of diaphragm. Left of panel, left of body; upper, dorsal. b Ventral view of abdominal aorta and caudal vena cava that joins left azygous vein. Black and white dashed lines, arteries and veins, respectively. Left of panel, left of body; upper, caudal. c Left lateral view of common hepatic vein that passes through caval foramen into thoracic cavity. Accessory lobe of right lung is evident dorsally. Insert, accessory lobe covering common hepatic vein. Left of panel, cranial to body; and upper, dorsal. 1, left kidney; 2, right kidney; 3, central tendon; 4, aortic hiatus; 5, esophageal hiatus; 6, caval foramen; 7, abdominal aorta; 8, renal artery; 9, caudal vena cava; 10, renal vein; 11, left azygos vein; 12, thoracic aorta; 13, pulmonary trunk; 14, common hepatic vein; 15, left atrium; 16, accessory lobe of right lung

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