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Fig. 5

From: Prime-boost vaccination with attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium ΔznuABC and inactivated Salmonella Choleraesuis is protective against Salmonella Choleraesuis challenge infection in piglets

Fig. 5

S. Choleraesuis challenge infection induces IFN-ɤ production. Symbols and bars represent piglets and IFN-ɣ mean concentration, respectively. Concentration of IFN-ɤ was normalized in relation to total protein content. Difference was statistically significant between the unvaccinated group (C) and group A vaccinated with the attenuated strain ** (p < 0.05). LLD indicates Lower Limit of Detection (15.6 pg/ml); LS indicates Limit of Sensitivity (minimum detectable dose, 3.9 pg/ml)

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