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Table 1 Farmers’ questionnaire

From: Methodology for the assessment of brucellosis management practices and its vaccination campaign: example in two Argentine districts

Items Answers Experts’ opinion Weighting
Ideal Not ideal Average [A] CV Weighted
Factor [B]
Identification of all vaccinated females Yes No 6.4 0.699 0.064
Identification of females unvaccinated due to their age (< 3 months) Yes No 3.4 0.609 0.034
Coverage per farm 95%–100% <95% 16.4 0.372 0.164
Existence of reproductive records in the farm Yes No 4.0 0.306 0.040
Diagnostic of abortions, placental retentions or no-pregnancy Yes No 8.8 0.478 0.088
Isolation of animals with reproductive disorders consistent with brucellosis Yes No 10.2 0.497 0.102
Sale of animals with clinical signs of brucellosis Yes No 12.0 0.343 0.120
Destination of the animals sold with clinical signs of brucellosis Slaughterhouse Other destination 3.6 1.168 0.036
Purchase of cattle from Officially Brucellosis-Free farms Yes No 11.0 0.497 0.110
At purchase: brucellosis serological testing of females >18 months and males 6 months Yes No 11.0 0.203 0.110
Isolation of purchased cattle Yes No 5.6 0.763 0.056
Isolation of calving cows Yes No 5.6 0.508 0.056
Isolation of primiparous cows Yes No 2.0 1.514 0.020
  1. Legend: CV = coefficient of variation [A] Average of points distributed by the experts, per item. [B] Weighted factor per item. This value was obtained after dividing [A] by the total of points distributed by each expert (100 points). The sum of all weighted items equals 1
  2. List of items, possible answers, experts’ opinion and weighting